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Music of the Persian Gulf

7.26.2005 3:57pm


7.26.2005 3:59pm

Located in: Harry’s Cosmic Milk Bottle

Lithophones from Togo

From: “The Rabbi’s Basement Tapes” of Harry Smith

The Band of Light: Live “Under the Volcano” (2005)

Water Drumming (Baka of Cameroun)

Passover with the Last Abulafia Rabbi

Monk: “Nutty” (1958, Five Spot) / “Misterioso” (1948)

Three songs of Shel Silverstein for Children of All Ages:
1. / 2. / 3.

South Africa: Shona Story Song (The Hare and the Tortoise)

Lena Horne (1945): “Indeed I Do”

“Frog Went a Courting”

19 Versions of “Barbra Allen” (only the first is hyperlinked here)

A Veda of the Black Yagur

James Joyce, John Cage and Eric Malone

Breath songs of the Tlinglit

“Kindling Wood” : The original story and the song from the Georgia Coast Islands

Happy Bloomsday 2005

Feel good guitars from Southern Africa in the 1950s: I. / II.

“Jegog” (Bamboo Gamelan)

Oddbird &Yardbird

Monk: “(I Don’t Stand) A Ghost of a Chance With You” (1957)

Sacred Music of Kurdistan. Example 1. Example 2.

Songs & Sounds of the Parchman Prison Farm 1 / 2 / 3

Shel Silverstin :: After you’ve been having steak for a long time, beans taste just fine”

“Nothing” from the Fugs first LP, recorded by Harry Smith, 1965

From “The Hotel Breslin Tapes” :: Swiss Alps / Gabon Rain Forest

Alps 1
Alps 2

Gabon 1
Gabon 2

7.26.2005 4:56pm

7.26.2005 4:56pm


NY Art Quartet with Amiri Baraka (35th Reunion): “Seek Light At Once”

Amiri Baraka (1976) “Dope”

Steve Turre : “Straight, No Chaser” on “Conch” (Lincoln Center, 4 Dec. 2003)

7.26.2005 5:20pm

Located in: Mandarin Seal 7

Min Xiao Fen on the Chinese pipa: Monk’s “Ask Me Now” (Lincoln Center, 6 Dec. 2003)

7.26.2005 5:22pm

Jack Spicer : “Imaginary Elegies I-IV”, and other poems (KPFA, ca. 1963)

Nicole Peyrafitte : “Song (Autumn Festival)” of Gerrit Lansing

7.26.2005 5:28pm


Located in: Telgrams to Parmenides

Ed Sanders: “High-Tech Heraclitus” / “Tropei, Tropei, Tropei”

Atrium Musica de Madrid : “First Delphic Hymn to Apollo”

7.26.2005 5:33pm


Located in: “When in Rome, Do as the Greeks Did” :: :: “Dark Resonances” of Charles Stein and Gary Hill from The Flavian Amphitheater

The Incantations of Charles Stein : No. 1 / No. 2 / No. 3

The songs of Paulina Wellensberg-Olsson :

Flower Maid
Little Dead Girl
Milk Honey Chloride
White Milk
Why Father Why

The madness of Gary Hill : Madness Of The Brain

7.26.2005 5:48pm

Mikhail Horowitz : “Bird Lives”

7.26.2005 6:49pm

Excerpts from a recording of an Ifa Ceremony (Ile-Ilfe, 1975)

Liturgica Bwiti

Twins 77 (Live in Tokyo, 1989): A menage of traditional and modern Yoruba melodies

Abbey Lincoln and Max Roach (“Straight Ahead”, 1961): “When Malindy Sings”

“Death’s Gonna Straighten All You Members When He Comes”

7.26.2005 6:59pm



Selections from “Calacalacas” : Track 1 / 8 / 17 / 32

From “La Geografatura”: “Sonidos al Buen Dia”

Live, Cafe Buba (9 July 2005)“Sonidos al Buen Dia” / “Anticonstitucionalisimamente no cabe en diccionarios” / “Joauima” / “Ileaye”

Banda Elastica from “Maquizcoatl”:

“El Ritmo” /

Looking East: A Suite in Three Parts (Raphe Malik Quartet, Boston Vision Festival, October 1999.

Fractals from Part One.

Personnel: Raphe Malik: b-flat and c trumpets; Sabir Mateen: tenor and alto saxophones, flute, b-flat clarinet, alto clarinet; Larry Roland: bass; Cody Moffett: drums.


Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Billy Bang solo from :: Commandment (For the Sculpture of Alain Kirili) (No More No. 5 USA cd NYC, the loft of Alain Kirili and Ariane Lopez-Huici 3/30/97)

Mitote Jazz :: Live el Museo La Casona, 8.10.05 Better Get Hit in Your Soul

Marcos Miranda and Guillermo Gonzalez :: Homage to Albert / Homage to Rhasaan

Hernan Hecht and Jarry Singla :: Bemsha Swing(s)

More for Monk

Codaryl “Cody” Moffett et al. :: Evidence from Evidence

with Ravi Coltrane, Kenny Drew Jr., Kenny Garrett, Charnett Moffett, Antoine Roney, Wallace Roney

Marcos Miranda and Huitzilin Sanchez :: Evidence from Evidencias

Marcos Miranda and Pavel Sandoval :: Bemsha Swing from En casa de Nur

Tootie Heath solo, Live Lincoln Center, 5 Dec 2003, Friday the 13th (18 min tambourine and traps)

7.26.2005 7:47pm


Located in: Celestial Cymbals for Charles Moffett

Dizzy Gillespie : “Swing Low Sweet Cadillac”

Codaryl Moffett (“My Favorite Things”): “Jambalaya_Suite” / “Simone”

“Ornette Coleman Trio at the Golden Circle” : “Faces and Places”

Louis Armstrong’s Birthday Music, 2005 Includes: “The Saint Louis Blues”: w/Bessie Smith, NYC 14 Jan. 1925 / “Heebies Jeebies”: Kid Ory (tb), Johnny Dodds (cl), Lil Hardin-Armstrong (p), Johnny St. Cyr (bjo), Chicago, 26 Feb. 1926 (The first recorded scat). / “Cornet Chop Suey”: (as above) / “Hotter Than That”: Kid Ory (tb), Johnny Dodds (cl), Lil Hardin-Armstrong (p), Johnny St. Cyr (bjo), Lonnie Johnson (g), Chicago, 13 Dec. 1927 / “Weather Bird”: Earl Hines, Chicago, 5 Dec. 1928 / “West End Blues”: Fred Robinson (tb), Jimmy Strong (cl, ts), Earl Hines (p), Mancy Carr (bjo), Zutty Singleton (dr), Chicago 28 June 1928

The Complete Recordings of Louis Armstrong and Bessie Smith

Charnett Moffett (Lincoln Center, 4 Dec. 2003): “Monk in Mind”

Charnett Moffett Quartet, Live at Sweet Rhythms, NYC, 19.05.04. Charnett Moffett, bass, Codaryl Moffett, drums, Mondre Moffett, trumpet, Scott Brown, piano.

7.26.2005 7:54pm



Located in: Four Taras

Ibibio dance music (recorded in Calabar, Nigeria, 1981)

Ibibio cradle songs (recorded in Ile-Ife, Nigeria 1977)

Babatunde Olatunji, WKCR Memorial Broadcast, 10 April 2003.

10.11.2005 11:43pm


Located in The Zaidiac — I am Arnaut– An homage to Paul Blackburn
10.23.2005 7:33pm

Juan Luis Guerra, Ojala Que llueva Cafe / Ojala Que llueva Cafe with Attila

10.25.2005 10:22am


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