Exhibits in the ‘Their Cup Runeth Over’ Gallery

Extend the arms their full amount; the kindly magus welcomes all beings in a virtual embrace that summons every world unto its robust if transient extancy; his own world, meanwhile, his own extancy, meanwhile, retain their problematic complexities. For the Master Self, whether resurrected or cruciform, lotus-born or waving wielded daggers, wands, or dorjes-no longer serves us, imagewise, to convene that primordial superposition wherein all selves cohere.

Here it seems that the Master Figures not only multiply, but dance their own

decrudescencei through a scabby patch-work of textural postu(-re-)lations-head over head, gesture over gesture; robe rag or raiment, magus bat or badger, mink or mule or goat.

One really must let one’s sentience rip loose, right brain rip loose, the images run on the image path, the path of their transition the path indeed, each point of fixation asserting a ludicrous comment on the point it appears to repress, each commanding figure helpless to impose its will upon the image, instanter, to come.

But how curious: the course of these transitions will not articulate itself. For, pace Heraclitus, there is no flux among the successive images, no path at all, each fixed figure does command the whole, for just such time as it does hold command:

“Fond lover, never wilt though kiss…”

There is no death or birth then, no transition among the singularities …

The language of which one despairs is neither nominal nor Rxed by supplantation of nouns by verbs-it is the prepositions that do us IN:

About above across after against

around among along and by…


Take up dagger and torch. Set out ever again

to stalk the inaccessible.


Charles Stein, Barrytown, NY, 12.03.08

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