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The Real Number Line According to Eccles

AGAINST THE MEAN: or why there ain’t anymore 400 hitters, according the late Gould person.

Bialy, you wanted words on Veritas Uber Alles, weeping one evening into the telephone receiver, which wasn’t by the way receiving anything, over lavalu (sp?) and gingersnaps, was it in Connecticut or Annandale. Long Long ago. I now comply. (In anticipation, of the inveterate subject of temporal intransitivity, Saivite cosmogony, and the prefiguration of the blogosphere in the only eternity that matters.)

Uber Alles. In English it has an ominous, if archaic ring. But Veritas? The motto on my HighSchool Shield reads Great Is The Truth and it Prevails. In Latin. PREVAILS. Uber Alles. “Veritas” hungers for subservience. Like Elijah Moses say to Witch of Endor and Egyptians, there is only One Magic and its MINE. Rather, I’d aver: “There is no time or space left” for any self-conscious hustling or jockeying, as if the truth were a deal to be arrived at after due diligence performed and negotiations completed. Negotiations with what, can you tell me? Why nothing but the Truth.

Interesting that veritas was a sad translation of how a certain other truth-word rang in early Greek, a word that a famous German professor discovered for us in that same archaic moment, German moment that is, and which I will put, literally into English, though I withhold the Greek, as I withhold the professor’s name, to keep things quiet, at least until the truth clears. Later perhaps. Call it: The End of Forgetfulness. Not the shield and motto of a would-be conquering rampage, not the validation of a model or some other representational twinning of?again, of what precisely? but a principle of wakefulness, and receptivity?that that which is thar to be reckoned with, shall be received in its annunciation, and allowed to display itself. That there was a time or is a time to come, when all things speak for themselves within our nature. WHAT? You can’t say THAT!

Oh yeah? Then let me present the permutations of the godname THAt:




Every THAT, then, hath its very truth. No time to find it other. Uber Alles? JA (forchrissakes) But Under Inter Right On through.

Charles Stein, Barrytown, NY, 1.22.2005

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