Exhibits in the ‘In the Garden of Good’ Gallery

To saturate a surface with intelligence is a natural desideratum. A surface with a minimal suggestion of depth.

For one thing, symmetry returns, at a later turn of the mind-spin-and a symmetry that no longer organizes the appearance of the surface, but seems to hide, though not excrutiatingly, on said surface’s depth. Or one cannot quite decide if the symmetry in fact is broken, or, if broken, what contingency has effected this. And where this matter is undecided, undecided too is whether a further duality, between the unbroken and the broken state, by fresh redoubling, attains here. For the self-reflected symmetry maintains its own contingency, and the essential matter is as far from trivial as may be. Indeed, we stipulate the following:

The thought that Being is a being is sufficient to break the Symmetry of Being.

That that which is prior to Distinction nevertheless motivates the distinction of Distinction-is sufficient to break the symmetry that breaking it reforms.

Or simply: Breaking the symmetry of Being reforms the symmetry of Being.

Here, for instance, dualities proliferate: subtle geometries fold within a smoke that mottles the glass; but what appears as glass is both shard and crystal facet; that is to say, quasi-polygonal figures hover between surface and imperceptible bottom. And there are bats’-wings and sheep’s-horns, cathedral windows and demonic, mind-infested countenances peering into what ecclesiastical interiors! But then we ourselves, as witnesses or speculators, are such interiors, ecclesiastically or elsewise, interiority being dual to every outside, if constituted such. And the welcome garden punishes intrusion, and the Good is an extrusion on indifference, the coupling of Good and Garden, a spectacle anticipated from the parking lot.

There is more to say in this, but we leave it, like they say, as a “problem” for the studious.

The Dark Lord lifts his wings, and the Crown of Horns remains, as it has these six thousand years, on the intelligential surface of ubiquity.

Charles Stein, Barrytown, NY, 11.02.07

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