Firey realms that are not hell realms
Burn with the evanescence of all things
As told for all time in The Fire Sermon of Buddha Gautama

“All things, Oh Monks, are on fire,
they vanish like straw in a flame.

The eye is on fire
the ear is on fire
the nostrils, the tongue, the body entire
is fire, on fire

The forms that the eye sees
and the mind that informs them,
the noises the ear knows
-fire, on fire

Flavors and fragrances
sensations and contact,
the intellect and what’s in it
-fire, on fire

Wanting what you have not,

Hating what has you-

Rage and desire:

-fire, on fire

So burn, Oh Monks, until you comprehend this!

Then do be done with it.
(Put out the fire.)”


Charles Stein, Barrytown, NY, 09.07.08

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