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“The Scanners Have Picked Off a Telegram to Parmenides”

Death and Possibility or “That which hangs below the plains of Nysa”

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I am having problems with my connection to that which hangs below the plains of Nysa. A very very large shadow obtends a very strange flower. SHe is walking in a field that does not know it’s a garden. Think mountains. Think waterfalls. Think gardens. Heraclitus says —wait a minute, I gotta lookit up)………………… TWENTY MINUTES down the pike: The Same: Hades and Dionysos. And another thing: It is better to CONCEAL ignorance. (Frag. 95). If sun did not exist…it would be night. (Frag, 99) It is NOT better for people to get all that they want. (Frag. 110). And the kukeon settles (un)stirred. (Frag. 125.) Well, I’m not satisfied about the UN and I’m not sure about the STIRRED. Try this: the batch becomes inactive when

BOTHERED. (Frag. whatever.)

We ARE talking about a batch.

4.17.2005 10:39pm



dr. stein

i am tempted to put on the bench the wandering i‘s elusive batch (as i recall it was 1000% pure…molecules)

but instead (for the moment)

i ask

if the batch goes stale when ‘disturbed’

what keeps the kukeon cooking?

4.18.2005 10:01pm



This is what one T.M. Robinson says H says in his posthumously designated Fragment 125: “The barley-drink separates when unstrirred.” Now here’s what H says H says: kai ho kukeon diistatai kinoumenos. Kukeon–the o is an omega. The e in me is an eta. The negation is an emendation because scholars can’t make sense of the frag without it. Smarty pants Robinson says kukeon is “barley-drink.” In his commentary he say:

“The kykeon, as we know from Homer, Iliad 2.638ff, was a drink made from ground barley, grated cheese, and wine (also sometimes honey, Odyssey 10.234). If the whole were not stirred, the contents would not fully mix–and the kykeon as such would not exist, though its ingredients would (with the cheeseand barley at the bottom of the cup, and the wine at the top.)

The point seems to be, as so often in Heraclitus, that of the importance of ordered movement in the cosmos, particularly that of rotary movement. Without the rotation of thstars and planets, and the sun’s annual movement through thecliptic, there would be no ordered universe as we know it, merely different sets of ‘ingredients’….”

it goes on like that about the universe. Making things up as it wings along.

Now smarty pants Stein, he say Homer say (Odussey 10.233ff) “She [Circe that is] brought them in and made them sit on chairs and seats, and made for them a potion of cheese and barley meal and yellow honey with Pramnian wine, but in the food she mixed baneful drugs, that they might utterly forget their native land…” So this is the stuff that Circe used to turn the men into swine.

Smarty pants Stein he also say that Kukeon is the beverage imbibed by initiates at the Eleussinian mysteries according to our old friend R.G. Wasson and his co-author Carl Ruck, and the active ingredient were a certain “scerotium of claviceps purpurea” what grows on barley, “ergot of barley” to you, wherefrom the purest batch ever, according another co-author Albert The Man Hofmann, he-who-isolate-lysergic-acid-diethylamide from ergot of barley and its relatives.

And that not stirring it don’t have nuffin to do with it, but it being a kinoummenon–something set in motion, ie activated,the kukeon that is, by having the claviceps purpurea included, really do. So I emend my translation thus:

the batch is distinguished when activated.


4.19.2005 12:52am


not too many (earthly) hours later the scanners picked off the First of the Telegrams To Parmenides

4.21.2005 1:11am



and shortly after that The Living Batch and the first installment of Bean News made their appearances
4.21.2005 1:16am


The Living batch indeed.

In Dorn’s Cycle, as I remember, we have Parmenides spelled “Parminides”. Now the replacement of e with i is prescient of the following. One Peter Kingsley, in his book The Dark Places of Wisdom, tells of certain stone inscriptions excavated some years ago in Parmenides’ city Elea, some 500 years after P’s demise. These inscriptions refer to Parmeinides–adding an i in the middle of his name–as a iatro-mantic priest of Apollo, father of his city. In other words he was remembered in his own place for five centuries as a prophet and a healer utterly independently of his transcription into the philosophical tradition by Plato, who was canny to suppress the magical side of his identity, the latter indicated, it seems, by the emendation of this iota.


4.21.2005 8:47pm

i.e. (sic) the zone of the i-maginary as such either replacing or adjoined to, the natural indexical, i.e., logarithm (ahem)

There is a generalization of the process by which imaginary numbers were discovered as an effluvium from the other kind–a process of excursus required to GET THERE from HERE (as in the quip–uh–you can’t get there from here. Oh yeah? Well, fake it till you make it. I heard that from 1. a remarkable martial arts theorist whose book is due from North Atlantic, I did editing on, will mention again when I learn the title; and 2. a young rapture ridden twice born in an on-line philosophy class. So that: once you make it having faked it, the IMAGINARY becomes a FULL-BLOWN fixture of one’s noetic habitus. That’s how any of us got there (from here) or got here (from there) or, as the germins have it: DA. In which case it makes no difference.

The generalization of imaginary numbers is due to one Louis Kauffman, in a privately circulated paper. I’ll try to find extractable sayings, or, possibly, by now, he is on line.


4.22.2005 8:55am


Dr. Flamboyant:

Indeed he is, knots and all, right there to the left.

4.22.2005 2:15pm



coming & going

one stein, c. :: do you know dorn never cared for the one&only stein, g. too much?

referring to her once over the kitchen table the same way she famously referred to the city on the other side of the bay bridge

there’s no there there

the slinger was not in a good mood when he tossed this one off, so i did not pursue it at the time, and only remembered it now for reasons that are apparent to anyone (except perhaps the passionate defenders of hiv/aids ‘theory’ – a black hole of noesis to which we had no argument whatsoever assigning the immortal words of the Immortal Gertrude

4.22.2005 2:48pm



going & coming

if “fake it until you make it” is an esoteric instruction of the tipo muy profundo (which it is)


by the law of the inverse

1 / “fake it until you make it” perfectly describes aids, inc.

4.22.2005 2:58pm




Vira Untwists The Murch

An unexpected context for this amazing piece of noetic prescience can be found in the surprising forum. It was also republished here in 1974.

[It reads from the right column leftwards

4.23.2005 12:28pm

Ed Sanders:

4.24.2005 12:21pm



This piece, suitable for the first Sunday after the coronation of Pope Panzer I is also from Songs in Ancient Greek
4.24.2005 12:24pm


CStein (mail):

The climatology of attention, in Ken Irby’s phraze offers different zones for magickal emprize. Aunt Gertrude was so much On the Way to L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E that neither O nor Ed Dorn would find her On The Road, though I do remember a few positive grunts from O. The point is that the desire to find abstraction in language is the flight from the figurative. Whereas presently we are at the phase of the CON-figurative, where the figures return through the shapes and shifts and change-links of abstract process –as you well know. Perhaps G Stein can be found in that zone too, but not principially.
4.24.2005 1:09pm


No. 13:

Possibility and Death

4.25.2005 8:51am

i have to suppose that some reading this string will have wondered, as i did yesterday, what is the reason for the sudden and apparently uncalled for presence of a second, travelling and phosphorescent even, batch?

this morning i received an explanation of sorts that i think of as ‘must have been the wheaties, even though i haven’t touched the stuff in more than 30 years

6.5.2005 9:57am



CStein (mail):

well. The swirl of forces can be heard as susurations rising from the hypogeum, mostly–check out last remarks of the pamphlet. Gazing at blood from stone is not different from sitting on the bridge (what I have been calling the corpus calosum) that crosses where the floor would be, and listening to the bottomless spaces–literally the armamentarium, the salutarium, the something else or other arium where they stashed the corpses of men and animals–too many bones to catalogue, the archaeologists say, and the walls impending like I say.


6.7.2005 6:33am


The selection here is a rendering of The First Delphic Hymn to Apollo discovered in 1893 with vocal notations, and preserved in the Museum of Delphi. It is from ATRIUM MUSICAE DE MADRID / Musique de la Grece Antique (Harmonia Mundi)

6.21.2005 1:15am


Bean News :: Installment 3

Meta Incognita

7.7.2005 12:00pm



The Rolling Stones & The Dharma (for Allen and Ed)

the never say basta rockers had it exactly right

when they started to roll with the slopes of time

(it was their first and most enduring *it* / for reasons obvious to / and hidden from / the most ordinary of smiths / i wonder if they knew it now / or then)

“I can’t get no satisfaction, and I try, and I try and I try…”

The First Noble Truth

3.9.2006 10:41am


Bean News Reborn :: floccinancininibibipilification vii

Our sometime correspondent, the most Estimado Sr. Eric Malone, sent by pony express a copy of the latest (at the time) incarnation of his polutronomic journal. It contained the following which all readers of the Work of the Immortal Gunslinger will appreciate very much indeed, as will those who know nothing of the Parmenidian Equine.

counseling & therapy
(actual advertisements from Many Hands)
Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy
Alix Nelson, MA

Equine Faciltated Psychotherapy (EFP) is a unique form of therapy in which the horse helps the client become more self-aware of emotions and behavior. In particular, equine therapy can help with depression and anxiety. Horses are pure emotion: therefore they respond to the authenticity within a person due to their generous hearts and emotional intuitiveness. EFP can help people re-connect with their aliveness and openness to life as they learn to connect between the horse and themselves. Horses respond to the subtlest of cues in people’s body language and thoughts, and have helped people living with autism, depression, anxiety, trauma, learning disabilities, self-esteem issues and many other conditions. This form of therapy is not a riding lesson and no horsemanship experience is necessary.Testimonial: “Having tried many forms of therapy, I have found EFP the most profound yet. The horse will not let me get asway with anything. They have an amazing ability to see through resistance and wail till I am totally in my body and present. They have caused me to look within as no therapist ever has.” Kim, Northampton.


Two other “real” advertisements from Many Hands can be heard within the first 10 minutes of a 9 mb segment of a three hour radio program i did yesterday that was originally scheduled for one hour and not intended to have anything to do with poetry. i played a little free and loose with their exact ‘patent protection’, but maybe not.

6.15.2006 1:36pm


Sr. Malone corresponds further:

Dr Harvey,

This fancy intellectual stuff is quite beyond me. I’m just a simple harmonica player trying to avoid the authorities. The magazine you refer to has less to do with many-wiles &more to do with the dim preoccupations of a janitor on his day off (tho years ago someone did refer to me as a “wiley caucasion.”).

Now &then I skry for a soup recipe.

Abrahadabra, or, klaktoveedstedsteen.


6.15.2006 5:59pm

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