Exhibits in the ‘Four Taras, Her Mother & One Ezra Thelonious Emanating Vajra Pani’ Gallery

Barrytown, NY, 1977

Tara (Barrytown, NY, 1977)

Barrytown, NY, 1977

Margaret and Tara, hand held one quarter sec

Calabar, CRS, Nigeria 1981

Tara (Calabar, CRS, Nigeria 1981)

Boulder, Colorado 2004

Sky Dancer (Boulder, 2004)

Ezra Thelonious Emanating Vajra Pani, Red Hook, NY, 1987

The first Tara is the first double exposure i ever attempted inside the camera. As i recall the camera was a Nikormat that allowed single frame rewind.

In 1981, she danced to this music with the performance troup of the University of Calabar theatre, under the direction of Orville Johnson (a recently arrived choreographer from the Alvin Ailey Company).

And in 1976, she danced, in her cradle and in her dreams, to these sounds from her grandmother and mother and aunts, in Ile-Ife. (4.21.2005)

These two birthday songs  are  from Babatunde Olatunji, who knew Tara when she was two until she was 20 something, and who called her his ‘little sister’. (12.10.2005)

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