Exhibits in the ‘Eine Kleiner Nachtmusik’ Gallery

” … you paint the way you have to in order to give, that’s life itself, and someone will look and say it is the product of knowing, but it has nothing to do with knowing, it has to do with giving.”

“Franz Kline Talking” (Evergreen Review,V.2, No. 6, 1958)

kline is one of my favorite painters of all time, although i never dared attempt any homage to him before. the one here derives from a foto of its ‘shadow image’ taken early in the am that appeared on the ceiling of the salon … i could not capture the actual kline-like construction using a tripod no matter how i tried…the reflected light of whatever was producing the shadows was too faint…i finally said fuck it, and as i undid the tripod mount pointed the camera with the flash on and took this photograph. its transformation above is very like what i tried to picture…more than just a ‘kleiner’ resemblance ..take my word



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