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Water works its way back to wrest again the wood that held the fire that water sparked. All else is drift. All else as drift.

It is frightening to know what so vividly looms above the cathedral ceilings. We had entered the temple to separate ourselves from the roaring randomness of the common world, to strike a pose of piety, to find, in an architectural vessel, that jewel of frozen light that in thefaiths of the world is known as grace. But high above the arches, where the steeples cannot reach, what is it that grows there? A tree of flesh whose ascension does no cease; within the layers and folds and textures of the bark of it… Behind the imagery solemn sounds increase and overwhelm. Only color remains.

Charles Stein, Barrytown, NY, 10.18.2006

 Don Quixote’s Cane

Are hands everywhere or is everywhere a matter of hands only and at all? Or: if there are hands there, there is a there there. Or: “Behold, there is a there there,” is always preceded by hands there.

And another thing. Do bones precede the limbs that hide them? It is not clear, for instance, in Odysseus’s report of Circe’s depiction of the Island of the Sirens and the two girls sitting on fair meadow with fair voices singing by a pile of…just what for instance? Check it out. There is a pile of bones he says she says; but then there is Something shrinking inside a skin of human skin. As if the sorry beings, who have heard the Sirens’ singing, live on as shrinking skeletons within them selves.

At all events, the relation of light to crystal does bear upon the matter-a matter we have been concerned with ab origine. Does light extract from dark? For we do delete the mortal proposition that dark is the absence of light; rather, perhaps, the dark is light in absentia. What dya think?

In Tibet they do have crystallized skulls, I forget of what particular significance. But Crystal Light in general is one of the official qualifications of the primordial state. But better forget Tibetans. I never mentioned that. Sorry.

Here we have mudras within mudras within mudras, or conjurations conjuring conjurations in an intransitive series no doubt so that were we ever to come to the final conjuration we would find it the conjuror of the first. Conjurors are Congenors and Congenors are Cozenors. But I digress. That is because for the first in this series I am writing in daylight. It is not up to me to decide whether in fact I have disappeared.

Charles Stein, Barrytown, NY, 8.1.2006

Every Thing Sings (12/2007)

 A Nest of Bohisattvas (05/2008)

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