feast of the pharaoh's daughters

Feast of the Pharoah’s Daughters (04/2010)

Pharoah’s Daughters

For once we are on the other side of the wall where, egregiously, Pharaoh has no daughters; rather he IS his daughters. Here, the silent spasm and gentle energies that relieve all gendered fixities, allow a passage from quality to quality of such sublime suppleness and subtlety that the spirits that flit into being through the bouquet of certain floreate distillates, commend their own evanescence as the trick which qualifies the officiant at the dawn rite, like they say, to have it all.

And yet the working that established such happy not to say breathy deliquescence, retards the temporal mechanism with such thoroughness, that all the stages between even momentary forms, manifest too; putrescent angel glares from purple countenance; the wall from which we have decidedly emerged is not without signs of the tear; and for a moment a face at the center of the image seems to project itself in ignorance of its own transmigration.

Nevertheless, the general temperature is dawn breath, that, like a certain fawn, shakes its being free of disturbing recollections redolent of recent slumber and passes without preparation to a nymph’s sweet welcome, as if, though zooming on the winds of a most ebullient temporality, regards not time at all.
Charles Stein, Barrytown, NY, 06.02.08

Lunar Rites of the Pharoah’s Daughters

Though the Pharoah undergoes all phases of singular existence from infant dawn to mummy’s tomb-

Though the energetic forcing of singularity upon typicality abuses even high Egyptian symmetry-

Though the old man has his own daughter(s) to contend with-

the Pharaoh is still an imprint of his own form-like Shakespeare’s beauty’s rose which must increase that it not die –

the dark red atmosphere that holds the forced ambient of the emblem
absorbs the distraction it composes-
so that the concentration that IS the emblem’s just milieu-
the truest “setting” of the amulet-
the bezel of the ruby…

And it cannot be that the concentration of the emblem is but the means of an induction to the concentrated state-no concentration but hath its ambience-its ambient distraction-

To be God’s spies,

wishes Lear with his one true daughter, too late at last understanding himself indeed to be an Egyptian

in spite of the bilaterality of the symmetry of his emblem

must choose his face
Charles Stein, Barrytown, NY, 12.02.08

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