Equinox of the Gods

Equinox of the Gods, Straight Theatre, SF

Scorpio Burning

Return to the composition of Images.

Outside the object, red ash that need not cease to glow.

Inside, a goat in a goblet, conjured as it is conjuring.

The goat within the goat makes pious offering

of a pious offering: a red dot

situates the scorpionic version of Everything.

Yet the body of the pious incineration has so efficiently exhausted temperature that a linear series of light points radiates the eyes of the dead and completes itself at its own bottom, just beneath the site where x marks the spot. It is the seed of a resurrection at the crux of crossed light swords: chalices inside chalices, sporting a crunchy froth of tasty gemstones, though few, I’d hazard, dare sample this elixir.

It is a good thing that history has no outcome, for each image phrase is a phase of an experiment in beauty whose dimensionality portends the unproducible.

Charles Stein, Barrytown, NY, 21.05.08

Scorpio Rising (03/2009)

Eau d’ Artifice

The seed is water. It possesses the tensile strength of last year’s icicles. The same skinny totem pole that threads the spiritual spine of the adepts rises like the shaft of an elevator in some tall tall building. Its several selves glitter with sequins and rhinestones and are water too. What is artificial here but the utter enclosure of Being Herself within the precints of an eternal obedience?

We come before her in hopes of publishing our poems, poems that we are not even certain ARE poems, but surely it is a condign occupation to wish to see oneself in a mirror, and if the mirror happens to be composed of a water that stands like a fawning pup on its own hind legs, and if, through a mere transposition of prepositions, that “in” turns out be a “through” – we’ll hazard the sequellae.

So there we were, on the other side-“ekei”-in the supra-celestial realm beyond the fixed stars where time is not, stuck in the lowest crystal bulb of an intricate chandelier, impossible to discern whose ballroom, dining room, flea-market, magic rite, etc. Assume the latter. Then there would be a certain person whose Working is in the works as we find ourselves at play here. He must not spill his seed until the proper configuration of the planets can be conjoined to an appropriate and genuine arousal of his nature. The child of the Aeon has yet, after all, to be produced, though several have perished in the attempt.

And here is the contradiction. That an eternal obedience be enclosed in a fortunate horoscopy, marked with a specificity that is sadly not yet singular. The Singularity of the Child of The Aeon cannot be frozen or chosen. Its aleatory rests beyond the heimarmene. The Will that unfurls it belongs to the Singularity Herself. Whose moment awaits, from the Gender Garden, even-now-yet-uncharted modalities of production.

Charles Stein, Barrytown, NY, 9.28.2006

“Mysterium Coniunctionis” [ for Jordan Belson & William Breeze ]

The circle ought not appear in the square, methought, thinking of the Tibetan refinement of non-duality as “dyer-med” meaning “never-having-been-divided”-

not at all a matter of the marriage of two true minds diverse in substance but complementary in affect, the consequence of everting the invert. But that, in what we may call “our practice,” the distinction need not be so severe, since the everted inverse requires that the diversion recovered in act had never occurred.

Furthermore, here the sphere (that floats with such unaccountably harmonic alacrity in its proper atmosphere) out-sources any such …. Circumspection… to the circumstance of the viewer herself-

because the attempt to penetrate the mixedness of that which the sphere sustains defeats attention: that so much pictorial space is given over to the indiscernible is precisely what works the charm and charms the work.

And charm it is that promises, in Dr. Jung’s intervention, the integration into, of, and as…the Supervenient Self, which we discover in the superposition of all identities as the wave-function not collapsed, recovered

not from the position of an individual (“Individuation” notwithstanding) whose determinate possibility seems realized because the function has collapsed indeed, but from among the singulars, the materium itself, the inseparability of First Matter from Lapis, the integrity of the perfect stone.
Charles Stein, Barrytown, NY, 27.05.08

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