saturn return

Saturn Return (for Ezra Thelonious, 02.05.10)

I don’t believe

in matter

more than belief

sits well

with me

no matter what

the object

to be credited.

In this case

a rather merry wall,

and a wall, it is, that comprises an image of The Realized Impenetrable. Impenetrable


there seem: persons, gods, and circumstances

that, like a wall


special attentions and attitudes

to pass on through.

But then one truly does

summon the wherewithal.

The latter part of these times

it seems

will be

the epoch of the impenetrable: to find what

cannot be bypassed

will prove the greatest challenge

to the somewhat moribund Faustian intelligence.

Non-locality, tunnelling, coming

into their own, resistance will be at a premium. Saturnian


purchased only

at what cost.

Patience, Doctor.

The time

of the Last Transparency

will come.
Charles Stein, Barrytown, NY, 02.05.10


It’s your party and I’ll cry if I want to

Horseshoe crabs used to proliferate on the midnight beaches of Staten Island. What the hell do they hold beneath their carapace as they sidle away from everything-you, me-the mind of man. That about covers it. Except that

To think at all if one is a horseshoe crab
is to find a way to move through a territory
for which no map is slow enough to track it.

We are in the mess already and have to weigh in with all we have, sometimes a featherweight depresses a ton of gold. How much is there anyway.
The number is mums the word.

The price of gold plummeting unaccountably. Silver too.
Artificially depressed, is the word.

Bubbles of false money
But the people want to know
What real money
Looks like
Is it gold?
And we know how much
There is
How much gold
Since mines
Began. Answer:
158,000 tons
and what do you get? Another
older and…

A feather
The weight
Of a heavy

A heart of gold
Less than a feather weight.

Who holds the scales
In the skies?

What justice
When the sky
Is falling?
And all the weight
Of the mind
Hazard vies with intent
As the pillars of the temple of Mammon…
Mammon lived in a cave right next to Morpheus. Sleep and dark gold

Scorpio extends over two twelfths of the zodiac because of its size. One part comprises the claws [Libra], the other the body and the tail….

Artemis shot
Because he was loved by the goddess
The Dawn

Libra is the claws of the Scorpion-
Artemis sent to kill Orion
Because the Goddess of the Dawn
Loved the enormous hunter

And Orion in Hades went striding
After the beasts he’d killed
When he and they were alive-
Went striding across the Asphodels-

What kind of justice is that?

The justice of asphodels is the mind
That arranges the narratives
That fix fatality
Robert Schmidt the historian of astrology says that the zodiac is equally
a circle of beasts and a circle of signs
And that the gods speak (phasis, from phemi, speak
In the phaenomena of the stars (from another verb, also phasis from phainesthai

No amount of information will re fix the business in fact
It is information itself that is the new fact of hazard
Given that information
into a substance
whose increase
Alters absolutely that which is to be known
So the more we know the greater our ignorance
Speculation on the speculation of others
hedges insurance options on that
“leveraged to the sky”
Make the Mammon Monster that encloses All
A projection of our ignorance whose very form
Is Information

Libra “The equiponderate, my own shrugged shoulders” wrote
Robert Kelly
So many

The people want to know
Charles Stein, Barrytown, NY, 27.10.08




Mercury’s Two Signs

Symbolism twins the inimitability of the ultimate;

for thought in its very purity cannot advance the matter by its own means.

The purity of the Purusha is such,

given the utter separation
by which it remains unsullied when saddled with phenomena,

were thought of the purest water to relax its militancy, its vigilance, it puissant focus, Being itself would lack its legion of apparencies,

and apparency’s dream dream on

unsourced by Being’s oblivion.

Grandly, a god is Being’s tincture;
Virgo wills nothing but Being’s self.
Gemini “splits the difference”
and “has its tune and silence too.”

The Hermetic in both its virginal and dyadic registers,

involves the thought of Being

that can no more be a thought

than Being can be a being.

These are surely the most sublime intimations
of the Mercurial’s singularly duplicit tincture.

Gemini: the Dioscuri, the Asvin, the verticality of the Emerld Tablet’s initial motto; the celestial shadow; the star for every singular wandering bark; the rigging for every cosmic puppeteering.

Virgo: the double womb of Hekate; the virgin mother; the point

that makes no difference.

Dawn’s One Star.

The reason that Hermes always seems and is
just a little bit crazy.

Charles Stein, Barrytown, NY, 12.10.08


The damn thing pulses stochastically, sarcastically. It would be that which rises out of the blue, were it not for the fact that it IS the blue. Woven firmly into its own matrix, backed up or backing up

in or into

its very moment from and towards

the message-work it estranges from its own fledged referent.

An egg that is simultaneously its own nest; the primordial intellect suspended in its ownmost operancy-but has it not achieved such transparency as might straightway enable it?-though the polarity that might gestate its capacity to produce itself, has, quite evidently, not yet appeared. A rainforest of withies simply allows it, as if the rhythmic susurration of the seasons had devolved an eternal law.

Sagittarius conceives operancy. We suppress the centaur and his idealistic archery and contrast its dyadic combinatorics with the equiponderate of the previous (or subsequent) emblem. Thus we effect an alloy, not a compound…to further…mid-process…so handsome, if naturally suspect, an elixir. For there is something disarmingly natural in this entire conspexus. The product itself prevails upon us

by flashing in our face

miraculous source.
Charles Stein, Barrytown, NY, 09-10-08








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