A distillate of light in time's alembic (2005)


The hungry i is the Intelligence that animates this, and that informs and walks with Timotha and Tina as an angel amidst the dense layers of shimmering and veils of reverberant light . . . wheels within gleaming wheels, disks within glimmering disks, ripples within bigger, less quickly evanescing ripples, and all infused by the vivid quiver of the cosmic hi-hat . . . but why does the text remind me of a fortune cookie?

4.13.2005 12:27pm


the hungry i is also, and more prosaically, the long-gone jazz club where mort sahl got famous. it was in north beach.

after the last show, timotha (the white goddess in the alembic) and i would hang with the nightengales of the darker one in chinatown.

their chatter was the purest poetry.

4.13.2005 12:41pm

Mikhail (mail):

And don’t forget that Lenny Bruce notoriously shpritzed there, and possibly his Lordship Richard Buckley (but I’ll have to check on that one) . . . but the hungry i is also and ever anon the Imagination, the Supreme Reality to Daddy Blake – hungry because it is never satisfied and always desires to add more tweaks, more shimmerings, more chatters of purest poetry to everything it conceives, which is everything . . . ah, Harvey, we though the white goddess in the alembic would last forever, and lo and behold, she did!
4.13.2005 2:47pm


… &…

it is the never-sated, hungry eye of the camera lens shown and contrived in the conjure

& it is finally the satisfied eye of the i who wanted to embrace
with kargyu compassion and thelemic intelligence
each and
thing it ever saw

4.13.2005 5:41pm


A while back, like 3 years or so, Mikhail Horowitz sent me this remarkable incantation with the instruction, “To be read in your best Lord Buckley voice” .

I dont know if it has been published since, but I know Mika will not mind it being reproduced here even if it has.

4.14.2005 2:49pm


Ways of the Web

don’t ask why, but i have been following some of the michael jackson opinions appearing in unlikely places. today i read a piece in the Financial Times of London by an expatriate name Gary Silverman. near the end was this:

I learned otherwise when the Jacksons went on television. There is one appearance from that time – on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand – that remains prominent in my memory. After the Jacksons performed, the host asked them what music they liked. A couple of them said the Beatles, which struck me even then as insincere. But some of the others said the Delfonics and that struck a chord with me.

Back then, I was just a boy and I liked bands that played it hard, like the Rolling Stones. But I had a secret. There was one romantic ballad that touched me – Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time) by the Delfonics. When the Jacksons betrayed a similar inclination, I felt like I was in the presence of kindred spirits – even though I was a white boy from Long Island’s suburbs and they were young black men from the mean streets of Gary, Indiana.

i wrote him the following, shortly after.


A real, real nice take. The part abt the Delfonics rang several bells.

i too love that song (i am a bit older than you…like 60). If you have the time and care to look at


you will find a visual work by me (with some comments) that i think you might enjoy.

btw: One night at Basin Street West (not the Hungry i), the Delfonics were the first act to Ike and Tina, and performed their great hit except that somebody (not me) had given the drummer a lucy in the sky with diamonds-laced sugar cube, and when the stobes went off at one point so did he…

6.18.2005 12:19pm

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