Coffin of a Nameless King (03/2009)


Emerald Scarab (for Ezra Thelonious, on his birthday)

the emerald
requires of the sun
its simian

on lotus
the infant horus
and so forth

the proper crystal
every feature
of the hierarchy
so that one must assume…


“a hammer to all hierarchies”
turns out to be an excessive injunction

there are universal matrices
for every substance type,
crystal no exception

therefore, let these priests and holy beasts
iterate their self-embeddings
and rigorous small commands–

they shall harken
who will and must

Charles Stein
Barrytown, NY
3 May 2006


We are some distance from the operations of the tomb. I once saw an extraordinary crypt, in, I think it was Venice-some di Medici or other. It was like a bank vault. The granite casket on display in the center of the chamber. Uncertain if you opened it you might find a mummy, stash of bones, or a cache of ingots. Or perhaps-as would be more like Egypt-a stack of promissory notes. The Egyptians wrote scrip on the walls for a kind of life that was not in the future, but of immediate use. To die into the sun yacht, to take one’s place in the kingdom of light, the horizontal universe, timeless, only now.

That images of open wings should impress themselves into granite. That about says it.

But here I have to consider the modality of my own address. Something tells me of myself arising from the depths, one species of which is the tomb. I have written myself into a coming commentary on the meanings of others. But my own voice? Shall it take on a person, and deliver missives with less indirection? Is this what all these rocket ships and phalloi intimate, image after image? Am I on the way? To my own delivery?

Saith the blind interlocutor: we shall see.

Charles Stein
Barrytown, NY
2 August 2006

Guardians of the Inner Nets

Did the Egpyptians know what had hit them was it 33,000 years before Djoser according to Manetho and Schwaller de Lubiscz believes him?

The simplicity of timeless fact, scattered through architecture, infinitely conservative thought forms, and, as an Old Kingsom gnomic utterance says, death puts us in mind of all our humbleness — therefore concern with the dead serves life.

Are these images the luminous walls and ceilings or even floors of all our sarcophagi?

Charles Stein, Barrytown, NY, 4.27.2006
A Primer on The Guardians.

What DO they guard? They Guard the Realms.
What Realms be these? Those to which one would access.
Then are the Guardians installed to keep one out?
Every door opens both ways. Just which side of the mirror are you on?
Charles Stein, Barrytown, NY, 9.24.2006

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