the new world arrives

The New World Arrives (12/2009)

Cubist Xochicalco (07/2006)

The Cave of the Aztec Astronomers

Towards a  Virtual Telestics*

slow drips the water
from the omnivalent sluice

the cave is lit
by ancestors
cum torches
(laser to you)

geometry supervenes
it does not subtend

beneath the earth
there ain’t no geometry

telemetry maybe
telestics certainly

the geomanters hove to

layer by layer bat-alley is overwritten
by D.L. (Dark Lord)

whose many names are inessential
to his many selves
which hath (sic) no name

not by logic but design

layer by layer to cathedral vault
and catenary

while in my heart I always hear
three-stage rockets preparing to jettison
all appearance whatsoever

for the final bezel
of the nose cone’s

no end on site…

*Note on Telestics: the Science of causing daemons to lodge in stones,
of primarily Egyptian provenience.

The soul
enters the body
as a deity enters
limestone, red granite, diorite, whatever
formed to the image
OF that deity

and as the fiery flower of mind
splinters on the world

Charles Stein, Barrytown, NY,  5.3.2006

The Cave of the Calendar Makers (12/2007)

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